Hello and welcome!

My name is Emilee and I am the owlfamilymama” over here. I have a crazy, busy and fun filled household with a husband and four littles running around. We just recently moved to our dream property: 63 wooded acres of paradise for us to roam, explore and be free. We hope that you will subscribe to our blog and stick around for some of the adventures we might share on here. We quit Facebook but you an find us on Instagram¬† and YouTube¬†where we have been posting weekly videos. Please subscribe if you are over there so you don’t miss any of our videos!

I came up with the idea of starting a website for our family after I noticed that people would often ask me lots of questions about our family life. I often find myself discussing cloth diapers, homeschooling, gardening tips, essential oils, recipes and the list goes on. Having these conversations and following other people’s blogs made me realize that I have lots to talk about. My goal with this website is to share fun tips, information and stories from our daily lives. Now that we have moved to our dream property, I know that we will have plenty of new adventures to share. I have been keeping detailed notes of our daily adventures and hope to someday write a book about it all! For now, you can catch snippets of our life on this blog or our social media.

Happy reading!